Truly an International School !

Sanjivani International School, Kharghar has added a new international dimension to its curriculum by participating & getting accredited with the British Council International School Award (ISA).

The International School Award (ISA) is a global benchmarking project, providing a great learning experience for the students and teachers; an enriching experience as it encourages schools to collaborate with overseas schools, paving a global pathway and crossing borders, aiming at creating global citizens.

Under ISA, various projects were incorporated that enabled the students to collaborate with their peers around the world and work with school leaders, teachers to inculcate the global dimensions and global citizenship in educational practice and policy.
In all seven projects were chosen -These activities created awareness on varied subjects- from science to literature and conserving our eco- system to healing power of herbs and mission Mars. These projectshelped the students in their intellectual growth through understanding international problems and seeking solutions for them.

The plethora of activities was an enriching teaching learning experience for the students as it has brought the world closer through the various pedagogy practices at school.

With the accreditation, Sanjivani International School has added a global dimension, living up to the vision of the school. Sanjivani aims at striking a balance in upholding the cardinal values of our country on one hand and the ideals of a progressive modern global society on the other. Thus this initiative has empowered the students to develop their capabilities to meet the global challenges.

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