It gives me enormous contentment to pen these lines on behalf of SANJIVANI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, one among the latest scholastic initiatives of the Sanjivani Rural Education Society. In fact, the education of our youngest citizens is something we simply must get right if we are to make sure that their future –and of course, that of ours-is a peaceful healthy and fulfilling one. We do believe that every child has a right to attend a good school and every parent has a right to expect that the school serving their community is a good one. The Sanjivani International School is a true manifestation of the noble mission taken up by the Sanjivani Rural Education Society of transforming rural India through quality education and training .The School provides good avenues for the students, parents, business partners, administrators and staff to work together for creating an academy with physical, emotional, social and safe environment. We care about ourselves and other to create, support and maintain powerful, engaged learning. We use innovative techniques and varied instructional strategies also for making learning really passionate. Let us all work together to make this Academy conquer new heights to the level of true International standards.

Hon. Shri Amol Dhamdhere
Sanjivani International School

Shri Amol Dhamdhere


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