Sanjivani International School, Kharghar aims to encourage the development of intellectual abilities which will enable the students to fulfill their potential for successful and challenging careers and to become “life -long learners”. My personal feeling is that in today’s rapidly changing scenario, schools have the most responsible and important role to play. The school should attempt to make students aware of the modes of thought and cultures and characteristics of different religions and races in order to build friendship and understanding of diversity of value systems. The process begins through social interaction within the school before the students step into the real world. The most important part is that students at school should be encouraged to take an active interest in the welfare of the local and global environment and to seek to influence attitudes and decisions relating to environmental challenges in the society. Sanjivani International School provides a stimulating and enriched environment so that the children can enjoy all aspects of their learning. We value regular contact with parents / guardians, and regard the home-school partnership as an essential part of the education process.

Hon. Shri Amitdada Nitinraoji Kolhe
Managing Trustee,
Sanjivani Rural Education Society

Shri Amitdada Nitinraoji Kolhe
Managing Trustee,


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